Week 43 ~ Puff Stitch ~ Left Handed #tutorial #crochet #heirloomafghancal

Week 43 ~ Puff Stitch ~ Left Handed #tutorial #crochet #heirloomafghancal

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Basic information for this week’s block:
Block : 43
Color: B
*Pattern Multiple:

Tutorials are available for RIGHT AND LEFT HANDED crochet enthusiasts! Please refer to the playlist to find the tutorial that best suits your needs.

Welcome to our Heirloom Sampler Afghan Crochet Along! We will be completing 63 DIFFERENT blocks that will be joined to create a beautiful family heirloom for generations to come! Each block is unique; no two are the same!

A perfect project for beginners and crochet veterans, alike! We will begin with the basic stitches (chain, single crochet, half double crochet, double crochet, treble crochet) and build each block based on these basic stitches AS WELL AS introducing some specialty stitches, such as ( but not limited to) front/back post stitches, cluster stitches, popcorn stitches, and puff stitches! All put together in fun, unique ways to create a new pattern with each and every block!

While there may be tips and tricks out there to get a different (or more personally desired) result, I will be following the patterns as they are written in the Leisure Arts Pattern Booklet ( again, I will not be writing the patterns out here, and strongly recommend purchasing the book in an effort to support the pattern designer).

Below, you will find links for videos that will offer additional support, as well as a link where you may purchase the vintage pattern book.

While these patterns are quite common in the world of crochet, ( Granny Square, V Stitch, etc) the legwork for this afghan was completed by Miss D. Sims, and she shall receive credit as such. I am merely relaying these common patterns as tutorials, and they are to be viewed solely as tutorials for supplemental educational purposes for those who have access to the written instructions and may need guidance. I will not be providing written instructions, but have included some important information below.



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Week 43 ~ Puff Stitch ~ Left Handed #tutorial #crochet #heirloomafghancal

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