Tiny Crochet Animals by SuAmi That Are Simply Incredible Amigurumi Miniatures

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A family of artists from Vietnam have an Etsy shop called ‘SuAmi‘ that is actually the nickname of the youngest member of the group. Together, this family of talented crocheters creates amazingly tiny crochet animals that can fit on the top of your finger.

They also create larger amigurumi characters with amazing detail and the best part is that their micro stuffed animals are all available for purchase at their Etsy shop. Here are just some of their adorable pieces that will steal your heart.

I can’t imagine how Su Ami creates these tiny crochet animals but it takes good eyes and LOTS of talent. If you’d like to purchase tiny crochet animals, visit them on Etsy:

SuAmi Etsy Store:

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Tiny Crochet Animals by SuAmi That Are Simply Incredible Amigurumi Miniatures

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