Part Two: C-3PO Crochet Droid Hat Tutorial inspired by Star Wars


Part 2: Adding embellishments. Step-by-step C-3PO droid crochet hat tutorial inspired by Star Wars. Easy to follow and fun to make. Great for beginners. All sizes.
Part 1: Making the hat

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Red Heart Super Saver Gold (Joann’s has it in stock. I couldn’t find it at Michael’s or Walmart.)
Red Heart Super Saver Black
Red Heart Super Saver Bright Yellow
5mm crochet hook

The gold color of red heart super saver is lighter weight than other colors because of how they dye the fiber. If you use a different color of red heart super saver (like a lighter yellow) the fiber will be thicker. Be sure to measure your work and make adjustments as needed to get the fit right.

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Part Two: C-3PO Crochet Droid Hat Tutorial inspired by Star Wars

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