Neck Warmer | Button Scarf Crochet Tutorial | Beginner

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This video was made for some of my facebook friends who wanted to know how I made this Neck Warmer. I am still a novice myself, so this video is not the best. I got a pattern from ( Jennifer Roy), and I didn’t know how to read it, so I actually had to look up a few youtube videos to learn and understand myself.

God has given us all so many talents, and crochet was a skill given to my Granny. She had a stroke right in front of me when I was 7, and she lived basically as a vegetable after that for 8 more years. I hate that she had to live like that for so long, not being able to eat but through a tube in her stomach, not being able to speak or communicate, except when she had seizure. I still have so many items that she made, and I do believe she’s looking down on me proud for attempting to learn how to crochet. She was a wonderful and inspiring woman, and I aspire to be as wonderful a person as she was. I was also hoping that crocheting would bring back more good memories of her, but it hasn’t yet at this point.

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Neck Warmer | Button Scarf Crochet Tutorial | Beginner

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