LEFT HANDED – Crochet YoYo Macaroon Tutorial | Girlybunches

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LEFT HANDED – Crochet YoYo Macaroon Tutorial | GirlybunchesThis weeks video….. CLICK “SHOW MORE”

is how I make Crochet YoYo’s or Macaroons

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Hello friends – IM BACK!!! 🙂

This weeks video is how to make these super cute and versatile little crochet yoyo’s or some call them macaroons. They can be sewn together to make a baby blanket of throw, or just used on thief own with beads or buttons to make a brooch. Hope you love making them and I’d love to see what you make with them. Why not drop me a photo on my Facebook page to share with everyone over there?

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Some links below might help you out:

I use British Terminology.. so here is a link to a video explaining the differences, just in case you didn’t know there were any:

Crochet Magic Loop:

My playlist showing you how to do all the Basic Stitches can be found here:

Crochet Tension:

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LEFT HANDED – Crochet YoYo Macaroon Tutorial | Girlybunches

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