Knitting Tutorial: Italian (Tubular) Cast On

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I give an in-depth guide to how to do the Italian (Tubular) Cast On, a great cast on for 1×1 ribbing or brioche knitting. It does not require a crochet hook, as some other tubular cast on methods do, and it gives a beautiful edge to start your project!


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Italian Cast On:
This consists of a type of long-tail cast on that involves alternating casting on knit and purl stitches (Phase 1), which is then followed by two setup “stabilization” rows worked flat (Phase 2). Your cast on is then ready to join in the round. Due to the number of stitches that need to be cast on I would advise using circular needles. If DPNs are your preferred method for working in the round, transfer your cast on stitch- es to DPNs once you have completed all the cast on steps. Alternatively, straight needles can be used for the cast on.

It is important to note that the FIRST stitch, a knit stitch, is formed in Step 1 and the LAST stitch, a purl stitch, is made in the Final Step with a “half- hitch” or backwards loop cast on.
Setup: Leaving a long tail of yarn (as for the long-tail cast on), hold the yarn across your thumb (yarn from the ball) and forefinger (tail yarn), again, like for a long-tail cast on.
Step 1: Place the needle on top of the tensioned yarn, in the middle, and swing it down and under in the direction of your thumb, and back up again. This creates a twist to secure the yarn (you could do a slipknot if you prefer) and also counts as the first knit stitch. The yarn running from the needle to the forefinger is the “upper strand” and the yarn running from the needle to the thumb the “lower strand”. You are ready to start the repeat.
Step 2: Swing the needle up, over the upper strand, then down towards you under both the upper and lower strands. Then bring the needle up and over the lower strand then down, through the middle, passing under and behind the upper strand. (1 purl stitch cast on).
Step 3: Swing the needle forward, over the lower strand, then pass under the lower strand and bring the needle up in the middle. Then pass the needle up and over the upper strand coming back up underneath both strands. (1 knit stitch cast on)
Repeat Steps 2-3 until you have cast on the desired number of sts minus 1.
Final Step: Cast on the final stitch using a “half- hitch” or backwards loop cast on. Use the back strand (which was on your forefinger) to create a loop which you bring your needle up through to create a stitch. Pull tight. This counts as the final purl stitch.

Turn the work, and work the following setup row twice. Setup Row: *K1, sl1 wyif; rep from * to the end of the row.

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Knitting Tutorial: Italian (Tubular) Cast On

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