Feline Fine Cat Ear Neko Hat Crochet Tutorial! Last Minute Beginner Halloween Cosplay Costume

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Thanks for checking out this beginner friendly crochet tutorial for the last minute Halloween or Cosplay costume element you didn’t know you needed!

This «pattern» is more the recipe I use to make some of my cat ear hats, and it can be easily adapted to any size, and any yarn weight! You can create all sorts of color effects, depending on which two yarns you combine together!

In my sample, I’m using two strands of worsted weight yarn held together, and an 8mm hook for the adult size.

Check out these timestamps to get where you need to go!
Supplies 1:34
Row 1 2:34
Seaming the Hat 9:33
Yarn Info for Samples Shown 24:38

Hat Size Chart:

Crochet Crash Course 101:

Want to show off your creation on social media? Use the hashtags #felinefinerr and #randomrandisramblings so we can all see what you’ve made!

Feel free to sell items made from this pattern, but don’t try to claim my pattern as your own. A link back to this tutorial would be appreciated! Do NOT use my photos and claim them as your own. Thank you!

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Feline Fine Cat Ear Neko Hat Crochet Tutorial! Last Minute Beginner Halloween Cosplay Costume

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