Dog Summer Dress Crochet Tutorial ❀

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Hi Everyone! Good Morning, as it is currently 11 AM here on the West Coast in California!

I am so excited to bring another super CUTE tutorial and for your furbabies to be oh so stylish this summer! As discussed in the video early is making this for your bigger smaller pets, or even just making this for ANY size pet matter of fact. Below is some advice on how to do that, and for bigger smaller breeds that is included in the pattern. This dress is VERY light weight for your pet to weather, and also has a lot of great and soft texture that is fun to touch. The open stitch itself has a lot of air that can come through, that allows your pet to be fashionable and yet still cool– In this project I use RED HEART WITH LOVE but another great yarn would be Simply Soft by Caron. If you do use a lighter weight yarn, PLEASE UP THE HOOK SIZE as it will change the size of your dress 🙂

Also a friendly FYI: My son can be heard here and there during the video. If this bothers you, you can download the pattern and avoid the video. My son has Autism, and I am a mom before anything else. I thank you for understanding XO.

To download the FREE pattern and follow along click here:

*WARNING* I do move a little faster for someone who is barely starting to crochet. I crochet at a very advanced speed, but I also slow down in the beginning stages as it is repetitive and also boring so I do cut through a little quick. If you have a hard time following along; THERE IS PAUSE, PLAY, REWIND, FORWARD as needed. One of the benefits of downloading my pattern is so YOU can go at your own pace, and do it offline. So please leave negative comments off my channel, as I do block those who choose to be mean when this pattern is FREE and was made with great intentions of being fun and positive.**

On another note: Thank you guys SO much for being apart of my Journey here on YouTube for now 4 years! WOW! I cannot believe I have almost 18K subs, with over 1 MILLION views now! Again, Thank YOU!

*If you haven’t please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE + LIKE this video if you haven’t yet*

(I just wanted to mention before closing the description box that YES hazel did have to model this as my other model whom is a girl wouldn’t do it. As Hazel was more than happy to assist his mummy, I was able to get the dress modeled even if a adorable boy like himself had to lol) So give a thumbs up for Hazel being a SPORT + for being the goodest boy 🙂

For Business Inquiries/Viewer Mail/Completed Projects, My email is:

I hope you have a lovely day, and I cannot wait to see what you do with my project!



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Dog Summer Dress Crochet Tutorial ❀

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