DIY | "Sunshine" Beret (Crochet Tutorial-Traceybeauty) Part 2/2

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Watch part 1 here:

I AM SO SORRY ABOUT THE LIGHTING! After uploading the video, I realized how bright it was. I have no idea why it turned out that way because on my editor, the colors were normal =/ I’ll see if I can fix it and reupload it.

| Some things I need to address |

1) I do not have the written pattern for this beret. I do not know how to write one to be honest. If you are having any trouble with the tutorial, please leave me a comment, rewatch, or let me know on twitter or instagram and I’ll do my best to reply.
2) I know that it is probably annoying to some of you guys out there to watch my tutorials because of the way I speak and my lack of knowledge on crochet terms. I’ve mentioned it before but I learned crochet in a different language so I just translate whatever I do in simple terms. I also have no plans on learning the correct crochet vocabulary any time soon. I honestly do not mean that in a bitter way, but I am really just here sharing my passion and hobby with you so I want this to be a positive environment for all of us. I am no position to call myself a crochet guru or teacher so please understand my lack of professionalism. I am really just sharing what I love to do with you guys and I love that so many viewers have been able to crochet for the first time after watching my tutorials although I am so lacking. (By the way, the pictures that you guys send me on twitter & instagram of your creations are always SO AMAZING, it really shocks me when you tell me that it’s your first crochet project). I also learn a lot from all the comments that I receive.
3) I would estimate that it takes around 2 hours to make this beret but everyone crochets at a different rate, so the exact timing really depends =)

| Materials |
Red Heart “With Love” yarn (about 80% of 1 pack): Eggshell
Boye 6.0 mm hook

| What’s On Me |
sweater: Forever 21
Rimmel lipliner: Rapture
nails: LA girl metal metallic nail polish and
Wet n Wild Fergie polish: Take the Stage

hair color:
Garnier Fructis R3

|Find me elsewhere |
instagram: @trace.y

twitter: @traceynguyen

|Tech info|
Filmed with Canon eos t3i rebel
Edited with Windows Live Movie Maker

This video is NOT sponsored.

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DIY | "Sunshine" Beret (Crochet Tutorial-Traceybeauty) Part 2/2

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