Crystal Waves crochet stitch for fast and easy baby blankets #89


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Welcome to my channel Crochet for Baby. In today’s tutorial I will show you how to do this fast and easy beginners crochet shells stitch that is ideal for baby blankets, baby sweaters, baby booties, baby beanies, baby hats, baby dress, and so much more.
This crochet stitch is named Crystal Waves Crochet Stitch after the dear friend that taught me how to make it. Her great grandmother taught her and apparently was an old stitch. I’m not the original designer of this stitch nor was she. If anyone knows who the original designer is of this beautiful stitch, please let me know to give proper credit. Thank you 😊 ❤️.

For my blanket I used Bernat softee #3 baby yarn with a 4.5mm Crochet hook. I used about 4 skeins of yarn which was about 560 grams. I made 136 chains and continued for a total of 42 rows. It measures approximately 30.5in long x 29.5in wide without the border. Border measures 1.5 in. Hope this helps for those of you that are making this blanket.

After my last row I chained 3 +4 chains so 7 chains total. The first 3 chains counts as 1 dc. Then I did one sc on the 3rd dc of the first fan (the last dc b4 the ch-3). Chain 4 and then again 1 sc on the 3 dc of the next fan. Continue like this until the end. At the end finish with one dc on last stitch. Once you do this you can easily work your single crochets all around for your border. Here’s the link on how to do this

For the tutorial, I ‘m using a baby weight yarn as well with a 4.5mm crochet hook. The stitch multiple is 4.

If this is your first time here, I’ve been doing crochet tutorials in Spanish for a couple of months now and have been asked by a lot of my subscribers to do tutorials in English too. I hope you like and subscribe to my channel and if you see a tutorial in Spanish and would like for me to do it in English, please comment below with the tutorial number and I will gladly do it. I hope you enjoy my channel and if you decide to subscribe, thank you in advance.

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The crystal waves crochet stitch pattern by crochet for baby


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Crystal Waves crochet stitch for fast and easy baby blankets #89

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