Crochet Valentines Jelly Cookie Tutorial! FREE PATTERN



Hey guys! I’m back! I know it has been such a long time since I’ve posted but I PROMISE to stay on track with my channel this year! Since it is January, I figured now would be the perfect time to whip up a quick valentines day pattern! Today we are making these adorable little jelly heart cookies! these are great for accessorizing, decoration, or even giving them at Valentines! I really hope you all enjoy this tutorial! THANKS. ❤💗💜❤






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Crochet Valentines Jelly Cookie Tutorial! FREE PATTERN

Aprende crochet o ganchillo de la forma más fácil en nuestra web !

EN: - The crochet bible
FR: - La bible au crochet
DE: - Die Häkelbibel
IT: - La Bibbia all'uncinetto
DK: - Den Hækling Bibel
RU: - Вязание крючком Библии
RO: - Biblia croșetată
PL: - Biblia szydełkowa
HU: - A horgolt biblia
JP: - かぎ針編みの聖書
IR: - An bíobla cróise
FI: - Virkkaa raamatun
SK: - Háčkovanie biblie
CH: - Háčkování bible
SW: - Hekla bibeln

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