Crochet tutorial: Basic ribbed Headband / all sizes


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I also use this technique on ribbed cowl.
If you ever see me showing one and would like to know how it’s made. Chain 80 for adult size and 60 for child size and follow same steps as here.
Than just work it as tall as you want it. It makes nice and snug cowl 💞

Videos released today, in case you missed it 💞🦊
🦊How to change color
🦊Basic ribbed Hat
🦊ribbed Cowl or scarf

Back and front post dc tutorial

You can always adjust the size, based on what you like.
For basic, I use 4 worsted weight yarn and 5mm hook, but of course, if you use different yarn or hook, you have to remember, it will change the size 💞🦊
Sizes for Ribbed Headbands #4 yarn and 5mm hook
All sizes – row1 is dc
Size #0 and #1 = 4 rows of fp.dc and bp.dc
Size #2 and #3 = 6 rows of fp.dc and bp.dc
Size #4 and #5 = 8 rows of fp.dc and bp.dc
Size #6 – #8 = 10 rows of fp.dc and bp.dc
#0 Little Angel – chain 24
#1 Micro Premie – chain 30
#2 Premie – chain 36
#3 Newborn – chain 42
#4 Baby – chain 48
#5 Small Child – chain 54
#6 Large Child – chain 60
#7 Adult – chain 66
#8 Adult xl – chain 72

Pattern made by «Foxy Creations»
This Pattern is available only in form of video tutorial. I don’t do written patterns! ( because I have a hard time with them)
If any written pattern from one of my creations exists, it did not come from me. If selling created items, please use your own picture/s.
I don’t give permission for use of my personal digital media!
I put tutorials here and even if they look amazing, they will always be free 😉
Feel free to use this pattern and sell any items you make. 💖
Just please remember to give credit to creators when selling finished object/s. Thank You 💖


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Crochet tutorial: Basic ribbed Headband / all sizes

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