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Hi Everyone.. Here it is.. the much requested.. LONG awaited Crochet Tea Cosy Tutorial!!

So here it is… all 45+mins of it… sorry it is so long, but I wanted to do one continuous video, so you don’t have to find the next part (frankly I get a bit frustrated when that happens…) but if you prefer parts.. then let me know I will try remember that for my next vids.

This Tea Cosy or Cozy depending on which side of the pond you are on… was made to fit my 4-6 cup teapot. However, fear not, I will explain how you can make this for any size tea pot or coffee pot.

I would say this video is for people who are more familiar with how to crochet, maybe not for a new beginner, but there isn’t anything in this video that I’ve not shown you how to do in any of my other videos.

In this video I show you how to do a ‘granny stripe’, a bit like the granny square, but in strips not a square!

Also if you are just watching this video to see how to do a scalloped edge you can skip to here – 20:09 to see how I have done this.

Here are some links to some of my other videos that show you how to :

Do a chain:
Do a treble:
Crochet Rose:
Crochet Leaf:

Don’t forget I use British terminology in my videos so here is a link if you need help translating the stitch names

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Thanks for watching!
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Crochet Tea Cosy Tutorial | Girlybunches

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