Crochet Princess Dress Tutorial Part 2

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Part 2 of my last tutorial, in which I show you how to show you how to make a princess dress, with puffed sleeves and an overskirt. This pattern is really easy to customize to any size doll. But I’ll be making mine to fit my realistic body doll. If you want to know how I made the Barbie sized dress, as well as the dress for my basic doll, those sizes are available in the written pattern.

If you’d like a written pattern, find one on my website:

If you missed Part 1, find that here:

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Crochet Princess Dress Tutorial Part 2

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EN: - The crochet bible
FR: - La bible au crochet
DE: - Die Häkelbibel
IT: - La Bibbia all'uncinetto
DK: - Den Hækling Bibel
RU: - Вязание крючком Библии
RO: - Biblia croșetată
PL: - Biblia szydełkowa
HU: - A horgolt biblia
JP: - かぎ針編みの聖書
IR: - An bíobla cróise
FI: - Virkkaa raamatun
SK: - Háčkovanie biblie
CH: - Háčkování bible
SW: - Hekla bibeln

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