✿ 139 ✿ Fall / Winter Fashion: How to Crochet a Rope Scarf

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What’s up Home Skillets!

The seasons are here when the air gets a bit cooler and the clothes become thicker. I LOVE the fall and winter seasons. One thing I love most about them is being able to make and wear scarves.

In this video I demonstrate how to make one of the many scarves that I have made. This one is called a “Rope Scarf” and we have all seen them made with old t-shirts but here is a really cool way of making them with crochet.

Not only will they keep you warm, but they make really cool Christmas gifts as well. Enjoy!

You can find yarn as well as needles at your local WalMart as well as craft stores.

-Making this scarf takes about 30-45 minutes

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DISCLAIMER: All products featured in this video were bought by myself. I do not work for any of the companies or products mentioned. All opinions expressed are of my own.

“Quasi Motion” by Kevin MacLeod

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✿ 139 ✿ Fall / Winter Fashion: How to Crochet a Rope Scarf

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