The New Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

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This is a wonderfully made, extremely comfortable, and durable blanket. A few notes for potential buyers: the base of the fin is not sewn shut so there is a hole where one’s feet can potentially stick out if one pulled the blanket very high up on one’s body. I personally don’t mind this too much as the blanket is very long and I can pull it up to my chest /collarbone without my feet sticking out of the hole (I’m 5’6″). The picture also insinuates a “sparkly” quality to the fabric in my opinion, but really it is just made with several different colors (no sparkles). I was initially a little disappointed that there was no glittery quality to the product but I don’t mind much anymore as I’ve had it for the past week and enjoy it so much! It is so versatile and I can wear it while working at my desk to keep my legs and feet warm when an ordinary blanket just falls off or lets heat escape. It has a large slit down the back that makes it easy to put on/wear and it’s relatively stretchy so I don’t have to worry about ripping or damaging it. I can even scrunch up in a ball while wearing it, still be comfortable, and not ruin the blanket! The product is also soft and for the most part doesn’t make me feel too hot or cold while wearing it. As a college student and mermaid enthusiast, this is the perfect product to help inject a little relaxation and fun into a busy day of reading, bookwork, or writing. Would definitely recommend to a friend (my boyfriend already wants something similar in fact) and/or purchase again!

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The New Crochet Mermaid Tail Blanket

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