Summer Bralet Knitting Pattern In Rowan Cotton Glace – Part One

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This pretty Rowan Bralet Knitting Pattern is a three part video series. A thorough step by step guide with the option of purchasing the written instructions. Sizes 34, 36 and 38inch Bust.

This Summer Bralet Top in Rowan Cotton Glace is worked from the shoulder strap down, and ends by working the twisted rib stitch in the round. It’s fully fashioned, meaning it contains decorative shaping details, ie increases and decreases that are built into the knitted fabric. When my daughter wore this, her friends thought it was from Top Shop, which I thought was the ultimate compliment!
The Casting On Couch is a website and YouTube Channel that creates knitting patterns and technique videos with ambitious beginner knitters in mind.


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PART 1- Rows 1-24
First, create the shoulder straps with crochet. Cast on into the strap to begin the Left Bra Panel. Continue to work top down, following the fully fashioned increases. Create a narrow binding with short rows to form the back edging.

PART 2 – Rows 25-39. We begin by picking up sts along the binding and continue to build the left Bra with short rows & fully fashioned shaping. Next begin the Right Bra by repeating the same first 13 rows, then mirror the remaining rows up to row 39.

PART 3 – Rows 40-72
Begin by joining the Bra Panels together. Form the decorative bust shaping decreases and set the work in readiness for working the project in the round. Joining the Back bindings together with the Kitchener Stitch. Creating the 2-StRC decorative ribbed band and casting off in pattern.

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Summer Bralet Knitting Pattern In Rowan Cotton Glace – Part One

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