Ophelia Talks about Crochet and Chat 3

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Another opportunity for you to have your questions answered! Leave any future questions below!! Thanks for watching…

For the tea bags:

Did you know I specialise in Crochet tutorials? Maybe these could be of interest to you?
Take a look at these videos.
This video tells you all about a beginner granny square

Would you like to make your own poncho in a weekend?

How about making yourself a cardigan?

These are two great projects
Daisy chain and leaf

Delightful daisy

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Ophelia Talks about Crochet and Chat 3

Encuentra todos los patrones para crochet que hay en la web y todo en la misma página web !! www.crochet.eu

EN: Crochet.eu - The crochet bible
FR: Crochet.eu - La bible au crochet
DE: Crochet.eu - Die Häkelbibel
IT: Crochet.eu - La Bibbia all'uncinetto
DK: Crochet.eu - Den Hækling Bibel
RU: Crochet.eu - Вязание крючком Библии
RO: Crochet.eu - Biblia croșetată
PL: Crochet.eu - Biblia szydełkowa
HU: Crochet.eu - A horgolt biblia
JP: Crochet.eu - かぎ針編みの聖書
IR: Crochet.eu - An bíobla cróise
FI: Crochet.eu - Virkkaa raamatun
SK: Crochet.eu - Háčkovanie biblie
CH: Crochet.eu - Háčkování bible
SW: Crochet.eu - Hekla bibeln

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