Kimono Bear Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial (Collaboration with Billy Matsunaga) Part 2

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Important note! When you’re adding the collar, make sure you secure it so it appears to fold left over right. In this tutorial, I added the collar and it appears to fold right over left. This is bad! Why? Because that folding technique is only used for the dead! So, if you’re making a living bear, apply the collar left over right! The opposite of how I did it!

Today’s tutorial is in collaboration with Billy Matsunaga! She’s a really cool friend of mine who is living and working in Japan as a kimono teacher / TV personality and she has just started a new YouTube channel all about kimono! So to celebrate her new channel we are making a bear in a kimono (she’s from Kumamoto and the “kuma” in Kumamoto means bear, hence the bear in a kimono). This pattern will work with any of my other tutorials (except for Hatsune Miku). If you wanted to make Pikachu in a kimono, or a bunny in a kimono, you could combine the two tutorials to achieve that goal.
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Written pattern available here

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Basic stitches for amigurumi

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Kimono Bear Amigurumi Crochet Tutorial (Collaboration with Billy Matsunaga) Part 2

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