How to JOIN Crochet Lace Flower Granny Square very easy

otakulandia crochet


How to JOIN Crochet Lace Flower Granny Square very easy
⏩▶Crochet Lace Flower Granny Square very easy

⏩▶How to Crochet Border Edge for Crochet Lace Flower Granny Square very easy

Written Instructions
Dificulty Rating:Advanced Beginner

📌With this pattern, you can create crocheted: pillowcase,a baby blanket,a tablecloth,lace curtain or any other project.
📌Can be used different sizes of threads and crochet hooks.

📌Used in this video:
♦Yarn:100%polyacryl /white / old pink color
♦Crochet Hook 3 mm
♦Motif: approx. 9 x 9 cm / 3,5 x 3,5 inch
( Using a thinner thread, the size of the motif will be
approximately: 5×5 cm / 2×2 inch )
Crochet Abbreviations:
Chain stitch……………….ch
Slip stitch………………….sl st
Single crochet……… …
Half double crochet … hdc
Double crochet………….dc
Triple crochet…………….trc
Triple treble crochet…..trtrc
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Moments by Sappheiros
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

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How to JOIN Crochet Lace Flower Granny Square very easy

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otakulandia crochet
EN: - The crochet bible
FR: - La bible au crochet
DE: - Die Häkelbibel
IT: - La Bibbia all'uncinetto
DK: - Den Hækling Bibel
RU: - Вязание крючком Библии
RO: - Biblia croșetată
PL: - Biblia szydełkowa
HU: - A horgolt biblia
JP: - かぎ針編みの聖書
IR: - An bíobla cróise
FI: - Virkkaa raamatun
SK: - Háčkovanie biblie
CH: - Háčkování bible
SW: - Hekla bibeln

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