How to Crochet Easy Slippers With Flip Flop Soles- Free Pattern + Beginner Tutorial

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In this video tutorial, we learn how to crochet lightweight slippers with flip flop soles. If you prefer to keep your feet covered when you’re shuffling around the house, but you find warm weather to be less than slipper-compatible, these are for you!

These crocheted slippers with flip flop soles let in a lovely breeze with each step, thanks to the slightly open weave and breathable Lion Brand 24/7 Cotton yarn. The flip flop (or «thong» if you live in certain parts of the world) sole make these a little more substantial than regular crocheted slippers and perfectly grippy, whether you keep them as house shoes, or venture outside! The step-by-step video tutorial, coupled with the free written pattern linked below, will teach you how to make these slippers even if you’ve a beginner.

You can find the full, free written crochet pattern for these slippers here:

You can find all my free flip flop crochet patterns here:

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Thanks to Lion Brand Yarn for providing the 24/7 Cotton yarn I used in this crochet slippers with flip flop soles video tutorial. You can find it here:

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How to Crochet Easy Slippers With Flip Flop Soles- Free Pattern + Beginner Tutorial

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otakulandia crochet
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