EASY CROCHET PATTERN! Super cute baby beanie hat or cap with alpine stitch MAKE IT IN ALL SIZES

EASY CROCHET PATTERN! Super cute baby beanie hat or cap with alpine stitch MAKE IT IN ALL SIZES

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Easy & fast crochet baby beanie hat with alpine stitch FOR ALL SIZES CROCHET PATTERN: ¡IDEA INCREÍBLE! PATRÓN FÁCIL DE GANCHILLO para gorro de bebé con punto alpino REALIZAR PARA TODAS LAS TALLAS. This crochet baby hat is for 6-9m. I used 70 grams of #4 yarn including pompom. You can also make it in any size for any age from a preemie baby and up to an adult size with the following standard size measurements. Just make sure to stretch your brim a bit when measuring the head circumference since it is very stretchy. Also stay within the stitch multiple of 2 for your brim. Start reducing your hat when you have 1.5 to 2 inches left from the total height of your hat for the size that you’re making.

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Average head circumference:
Preemie: 12”-13″ (30.5cm – 33cm)
Newborn to 3m: 13”-14″ (33cm – 35.5cm)
3 to 6m: 14”- 15″ (35.5cm – 38cm)
6 to 12m: 15.5″-16″ (39.5cm – 40.5cm)
12 to 24m: 16.5″-18″ (42cm – 45.5cm)
Toddler: 18″-19″ (45.5cm – 48cm)
Child: 19″-21″ (48cm – 53.5cm)
Teen/Small Adult: 21″ (53.5cm)
Medium Adult: 22″ (56cm)
Large Adult: 23″ (58.5cm)
XL Adult: 24″ (61cm)

Total Length:
Preemie: 4″ (10cm)
Newborn to 3m: 5″-5.5″ (12.5cm – 14cm)
3 to 6m: 6” (15cm)
6 to 12m: 6.25″ (16cm)
12 to 24m: 6.5″-7″ (16cm – 17.5cm)
Toddler: 7″-7.5″ (17.5cm – 19cm)
Child: 7.5″-8″ (19cm – 20cm)
Teen/Small Adult: 8″ (20cm)
Medium Adult: 8.5″(21.5cm)
Large Adult: 8.5”- 9” (21.5cm – 23cm)
XL Adult: 9″-9.5″ (23cm – 24cm)

This pattern is only for PERSONAL USE. You may NOT sell any of my patterns and claim them as yours. You may NOT make any video using my patterns and claim it as yours in any social media platform, website, blogs etc., You may make as many items as you wish for yourself or as gifts. You can sell your item like at craft fairs, bazaars etc. as long as you NOT take credit for MY pattern but instead give credit to me as Designer (providing name of YouTube channel -Crochet for Baby or link to original video tutorial). You can share YouTube links of any of my pattern tutorials. In no way can you reproduce or sell this pattern. Please respect my rights as Designer, if you are unsure please ask permission first.

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EASY CROCHET PATTERN! Super cute baby beanie hat or cap with alpine stitch MAKE IT IN ALL SIZES

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