Crochet Teddy Bear Tutorial – Crochet Plane Mobile Part 2

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In my crochet tutorial today I’ll be showing you how to make this crochet teddy bear. This is be the second video in a 3 part series. The first video was how to make the airplane, which you can see at Next I’ll be showing you how to put the mobile together.

I’d like to thank American Yarns, who have sponsored this series of videos. They provided me with the yarn for making the mobile and you can purchase them on their website at

If you would like to view the crochet pattern for free, it’s on my website at or you can download it from Ravelry for $1 at

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For this pattern you will need white and a small amount of a different colour for the scarf of Red Heart Soft Yarn which is 8 ply wool, light worsted in the US and double knit in the UK. I used pink and black 4 ply crochet cotton for the inner ears and eyes, but you could embroider them on if you prefer. Crochet hooks, I used a 2.5mm hook and a 1.25mm crochet hook if using 4 ply crochet cotton for the inner ears and eyes. Scissors and a darning needle to weave in ends. Sewing thread and a sewing needle to stitch the inner ears and eyes to the teddy. Black and white embroidery cotton to embroider on the nose and mouth and a dot on the eyes and filling to stuff the bear.

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Crochet Teddy Bear Tutorial – Crochet Plane Mobile Part 2

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