Crochet Box Stitch Pattern For Blanket, Pillow, Pot Holder etc. (4 RIGHTIES)

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Detailed video tutorial for RIGHT handed crocheters = how to crochet a Box Stitch Pattern for any project, such as a blanket, a pillow case, a pot holder. The pattern stitches are redesigned and simplified that the crocheted piece looks almost same as on the website «mypicot». See LINKS to the original Box Stitch Pattern for a blanket (including other useful links) AND the pattern changes I made written on my blog below.
This video is for crocheters who know more than just basic stitches and who know how to follow more complex patterns.

Materials used:
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yarn at Michaels –
Hook at Michaels –

yarn at Wallmart –
hook at Walmart –


My Picot’s original «Box Stitch For a Blanket»:


*This video will teach you how to slow down my videos (only on pc):*

More projects on my «HandMadeRukodelky» blog:

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Crochet Box Stitch Pattern For Blanket, Pillow, Pot Holder etc. (4 RIGHTIES)

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otakulandia crochet
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