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I really love the Continuous Crochet motifs and Royal Motifs too.

In this lesson, I decided to show how to make the transition from one row of motifs to the next, so that you could crochet a whole dress.

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Alternatively, the motifs to each other can be connected not with slip stitch, but with single crochet. Choose the most convenient option for yourself.

Crochet with fun!

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Continuous Crochet • Crochet Lace Square Motif For Dress • Free crochet tutorial •

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DE: - Die Häkelbibel
IT: - La Bibbia all'uncinetto
DK: - Den Hækling Bibel
RU: - Вязание крючком Библии
RO: - Biblia croșetată
PL: - Biblia szydełkowa
HU: - A horgolt biblia
JP: - かぎ針編みの聖書
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