Interlocking crochet™: strap or band for a bag with beautiful sides

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In this video I show how you can crochet a beautiful band or strap with interlocking crochet™, which I used for a bag. Thes sides look very beautiful this way. I use for the setup the technique of working through the back bump of a chain row. For the top side I use a trick so that these nice V-shapes also get to the front, and I show how you can have the double crochets neatly going straight. And I also show how to do a first double crochet in a row by making 2 single crochets on top of each other. This bag is part of the Hooked and Locked Crochet Along, or in short the HAL CAL, about the interlocking crochet™ or mosaic crochet technique, to use up the leftover yarns.

In the previous video’s I showed how to do the interlocking crochet™ technique. Look at the playlist for all video’s:

Till about half of january 2019 the pattern is downloadable for free from my website, after that it’s available in my Ravelry shop:

Interlocking crochet™ is a technique that works with 2 layers of filet crochet, that get interwoven through eachother during crocheting, which makes nice patterns, that sometimes look totally different on the other side.

For the practice piece and for the large blanket I used Alize Cotton Gold.

On my website you can find more information and also an extensive tutorial with a lot of pictures. Go to and look under the HAL CAL menu.

Interlocking crochet™ is a registered Trademark which is owned by Tanis Galik. I have written permission to use the words ‘Interlocking crochet’.

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My patterns are also available in my Ravelry shop:

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Interlocking crochet™: strap or band for a bag with beautiful sides

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