#4:Body 本体♡Wayuu Mochila Bag はじめてのワユー巾着バッグ Crochet Tutorial for beginners かぎ針編み

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■How to read the body graphic pattern(図面の読み方)
■How to crochet the body part(本体の編み方)
■How to rest the unused yarn(他の糸の休ませ方)
■How to use the tools like your assistant(賢い道具の使い方)
■How to understand the graphic efficiently(図面の覚え方)
■How to arrange the graphic in your style(図面のアレンジ)
■How to simplify the pattern as you like(図面を簡素化するには)

Easy to understand, step by step, slowly crochet along, many explanations

Lesson 1 : Choose your design

Lesson 2 : Let’s start crochet

Lesson 3 : Circle base tips (let’s complete the circle base)

Lesson 6 : Braided cord (Kumihimo)

Lesson 7 : Tassels on cords

Wayuu Tips

How to join new yarn in Wayuu

crochet circle rules


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#4:Body 本体♡Wayuu Mochila Bag はじめてのワユー巾着バッグ Crochet Tutorial for beginners かぎ針編み

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